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ICML AD-4328 Waage mit Rollenbahn und Plattform

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ICML AD-4328
Waage mit Rollenbahn
inkl. Plattform (HxBxT) 26x170x67cm

3 x Rollenbahn 50x50x80cm (HxBxT)
jeweils mit eigenen Elektrischen Antrieb.

Fotozellen für Positionsbestimmung

lb/kg Switching
Acccumulative data is stored in memory automatically or manually
Comparator output to optional relays (Hi/OK/Lo)
Setpoint comparison for batching applications
Powered through AC adaptor or external DC (6 to 12V) power supply
Standard serial output for printers, external displays, etc.
Front panel protected to IP-65
Powers up to 6 load cells at 350 ohms
Gravity Compensation Function
Optional bi-directional RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485 interfaces and BCD
Averaging time and width can be selected for various applications
Digitallly span calibrated by entering a sensor output voltage through the keypad
1/10,000 displayed resolution
Mount on panel, column, stand or desktop
Can be controlled by external input
Enter predetermined tare weight from keypad
RFI/EMI protected
Meets or exceeds OIML Class III specifications (10,000d)
RS-232C standard

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